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Harry T. Burleigh gave his life to music and the service of God.  He was a world-famous composer, arranger and soloist.  An internationally respected music editor, courageous artistic pioneer and humanitarian, he was also a fun-loving passionate, humble and loving man.

Even though the world is still singing his songs, history had all but forgotten him.  He had captured the heart of America – for decades his performances were standing-room only – and thousands attended his funeral. 

Yet this bright star of American music lay in an unmarked grave for almost 50 years until he was returned to his hometown in Erie, Pennsylvania, on May 28th, 1994, 100 years after he arrived in New York City, penniless and unknown.

He popularized the spirituals and showed the world their great power and beauty.  He bridged cultures and races by using the inspiring songs of his ancestors, crafting them into works of beauty that now stand with the greatest Western art.  The famous composer, Antonin Dvorak, turned to Burleigh for help in composing his symphony, “From the New World”, and Burleigh shared the songs learned from his grandfather, who had been a slave.

Dvorak and Burleigh became close friends, and it was Dvorak that encouraged Burleigh to make artistic arrangements of the spirituals that could be presented on the concert stage and that people could play at home.  Together they showed America and a New World of music.

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The Challenges of Doing Good Search Engine Optimization

“How much will it cost”?  That’s what I usually hear when I first speak to a potential client.  They can not begin to fathom the amount of money I have spent to get the top tier training that I have received over the last 4 years, to be able to rank sites.  SEO is something that I think can never be taught in school.  The developments of the Google algorithm and filters on the search engine move so fast that a community college or university can not keep up with these fast paced developments.  I have probably spent the equivalent of a 4 year University course tuition to get the training that I have.

Ranking sites requires a fair bit of resources, and some creativity as well.  http://bramptonseo.net – Search engine optimization brampton realize that.  It takes patience, perseverance, integrity, and just plain old common sense to get sites ranked.  It does not depend on luck, shortcuts, loopholes, or cheating to get sites ranked for the long run.  What I mean by patience is that may take a site 6 to 9 months to get ranked.  In this society, some people can’t wait for 6 to 9 minutes for anything.

Perseverance is sticking to the ranking plan.  When ranking a site, the SERPs will fluctuate.  Some don’t understand that and panic.  That is just an indicator that information is being spread across the Google data centers.  That’s all and the dust will eventually settle.  Integrity means that you should ALWAYS be truthful to your client and never try to get over on your client.  The world is full of shysters and the reputations of SEO agencies is not stellar.  If you are an SEO, why raise the profile of the SEO community.

Common sense in SEO is lacking for some practitioners.  The best advice I can give is that one should really think about how things are interlinked naturally on the internet.  That covers off-page SEO.  As for what is on a site, just ask yourself, “does this read naturally”? Spun content stinks to high heaven and can be easily detected by various means.  Just don’t use it.  And if you fell compelled to use it, make sure is hand spun.  That covers on-page SEO.

As with anything in life, experience makes the best teacher.  One should always be learning from the trusted SEO experts and just conduct your business with integrity and scruples.  As an SEO, a business is entrusting you to bring in more traffic to their site and ultimately more money into their coffers.  Don’t be that guy that hacks a site to put a page on it to get links from, to link back to your client.  You give us good SEOs a bad rap.